I am grateful to an ex-girlfriend for teaching me how to love in a new way. For a chance at practicing the art of non-possession. I never thought I could be friends with a former partner because of my messy feelings that result from attachment, but I realized I was being given an opportunity to witness her radiance again. It befuddled me a bit, but it was an eye-opening experience like, ‘Ah, this is what happiness looks like on her!’ Our friendship brought me on a deeper understanding of what non-possession looked like in love.

Non-possession in our friendship looked like watching her stumble into my door with her things- happy to just arrive, and taking off her boots. It became looking at her in wonder and joy as I listened to her talk about her frustrations as she sat on my sofa or at the kitchen table. It looked like a wonderful hug goodbye at the door before she walked out and waving goodbye again through the blinds as we both smiled.

I learned that non-possession is the Freedom to make choices that feel right for you without feeling controlled or judged by another person, and being able to discuss issues together while figuring out who you are.

Our friendship was only possible because I felt safe with her. She gave me reciprocity even in friendship and did not leave me hanging. And we could laugh at the stupidest things together. It was simple. There was mutuality, and I never had to wonder how she felt about me.

Non-possession is loving someone who I share a close connection with and letting them be happy in whatever way is best, while knowing I can be here on the other side for them. It is knowing you feel loved, heard and safe in that relationship without being in pain trying to maintain a friendship. You deserve freedom and peace as well.

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